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Got a question? - Text me: 360-215-7589 

A Detailed Walkthrough of How We Convert Bought Leads (Compass, iSpeed, FHO, etc.) Into A 10:1 ROI Using Airtable & Automations!

This walkthrough is NOT a sales pitch. My friend, Liam, who runs iSpeedToLead, asked if I'd share our acquisition model with his audience. We do take on PARTNERS & yes, clone our entire model into their business, but it's not easy to become our PARTNER - because - most people in the REI space SUCK!. You know it. I know it --> They're opportunity-seekers! Not legit business folks! (So, we work hard to repel the 95% to, hopefully, find the 5% that are the true Entrepreneurs who make business-decisions by First Principles.)  

Is Our Acquisition Model Good? No! It's Fucking Great :-) Watch The Video. If You Like What You See, Book A Call.

For a limited time - We'll even train your Acquisitions Person for FREE - & if you don't have one, you should have one, & if you don't have a Documented Approach to guarantee their success, so their efforts multiply your money, then, landing on this page, could be the luckiest thing that's ever happened to you because the ACS Machine + a "Ron" is fuck'n life altering. Don't believe me, though. Watch the walkthrough & see the proof.
Hey! - glad you're here, 
I'm sure you've heard every bullshit promise about getting rich in real estate. So, I'll save you the pitch & just show you the proof. 
Watch the video above ^ 
The ACS Machine works just like Gold Mining:
You can be a small-time miner that pans for gold & searches for nuggets. Who is always borderline broke. As you waste hundreds of hours searching for, but never finding that miraculous nugget. Or, you can be the commercial mine boss who stands high above his operation, looking out over his Machine as it processes millions of yards of dirt, collecting every spec-of-gold as it moves through the process. 
And, because of that Process, he finds the "miraculous" nuggets, too!
Here's the bottom line: 
My name is Ryan Fletcher, my business partner, Ryan Sloper, is an amazing investor when it comes to flipping properties. But, like most flip-investors, he hates every aspect associated with marketing to data, driving for dollars, learning how to market on FB, & Google Adwords, etc., to find his next Off-Market Deal that provides him, his next opportunity to make $40K-$60K in profit.
So, as his partner in a different business & me being the marketing guy, I designed for him a Machine.
We built it over 15-months.
To test its effectiveness (initially), we pushed $200K+ of marketing dollars through it. Starting with just a $5K. 
We turned that into $2.3 million in profits. 
The ACS Machine processed a lot of dirt to find us those properties that we could acquire @ deep discounts. 
Across 30+ acquired properties (in first 15-months), here are the stats:
77.6% = Our deepest discount off ARV.
15.3% = Our smallest discount off ARV (though, we still turned $125K profit on this one).
36% = Our average discount off ARV. 
In the end, the ACS Machine, which I demonstrate in the video above, by continuously mining for us High Profit Properties (@30-50% discounts off ARV) multiplied our marketing dollars, on average, 10:1. 
And Sloper, my business Partner, didn't have to do anything but say, "Yeah, I'll take that one." 
Or, "Nah, don't want that one." 
Needles to say, when he'd talk to other investors that were flipping properties, they envied his process and deal flow. 
They said things like, "Fuck man, that's what I need." 
"I hate the marketing-side of this shit." 
"It takes too much time."
"How in the hell are you guys finding so many off-market properties?" 
The Rise Of Our PARTNER Program!
It finally hit us...
We flip properties in Northern Virginia. But, hell, we could run this Machine for any real estate investor, assuming they met our criteria, in any part of the country, to solve their biggest problem. 
• "Where do I find my next flip project?"

• "Where do I find my next Airbnb?" 

• "Where do I find my next wholesale deal?"
Face it. You need more Off Market Deals @30-50% discounts, but you hate doing the dirty work to mine those properties. Further, if you're a successful investor/entrepreneur, you don't have the time, either. 
Enter us. 
We built a Machine that applies 100X leverage to mining these properties. 

Let Me Tell You About Ron!

Like I said, Sloper hates the marketing & follow-up side of things. 

So, we built the Machine to do 95% of the work. 

Then we brought on Ron, a 62-year old friend of ours, with no sales training, to do the 5% stuff. 

We do NO cold-calling... 

• NO data marketing

• NO skiptracing.

• NO driving for dollars. 

• NO cold SMS marketing.  

• NO ringless voicemail drops.


Our process that generated $2.3 million in profit in the first 15-months, from an initial $5K investment, might be the simplest you ever discover. 

There are 2 steps...

Step 1 - We Bought Leads

If you've never read the book WHO NOT HOW, I encourage you to read it.

And because I understand the importance of this business principle, "WHO NOT HOW," I'm not interested in learning "how."

It takes too long. 

It's too slow. 

So, instead, I ask, WHO?

As in, "Who already knows how to generate Cash Offer Request Leads?...&, from those folks, can I buy those leads?"

Here's a shortlist of WHO we buy leads from:

 • Compass - text me for contact's # ( descent website to sign up on)

Now, assuming you're a smart person...

...Isn't going to those sites, clicking a few buttons, signing up & just having leads sent to you, a fuck of a lot easier than navigating the labyrinth of data marketing? Or, the tech-struggle of trying to learn Adwords? 

It's called Leverage..."WHO? NOT HOW!" 

It's that simple. 

We just turned ON! those Providers...

...& no shit, within 24-48 hours, those Pay Per Lead Providers started sending us Cash Offer Request leads. 

Step 2 - We Put Those Leads Into The Machine

And then, as you saw in the walkthrough above, we just drag the records across the kanban boards.

I wish I could make it more complex than that. But it's not. For some reason, people love complexity though... It's like, they're always asking, "Man, I sure wish there was a harder way to do this?" 

Complexity, though? I hate it. 

I like simplicity, especially when that simplicity returns 10:1 ROI (or better)... predictably.

If you haven't watched the walkthrough yet, watch it. 

I demonstrate the entire process. 

End result? 

$2.3 Million In 15-Months!

The ACS Machine follows up with every Seller who requests a Cash Offer for a minimum of 24-months, unless that property is sold or the Seller requests to get removed from our mining process.
This long-term follow-up process is what enables us to get that enviable 10:1 ROI on every marketing dollar spent. 

For example, from every 100 leads:
• 25% will have an immediate pain-point and need to sell asap. 
• 25% will have a 3-6 month timeline to sell.  
• 25% will have a 6-9 month timeline to sell. 
• 25% will have a 9-12 month timeline to sell. 
This means the longer you have a Machine that is capable of doing outreach, engagement and follow-up, the higher your ROI continues to soar. (...just recently, for example, we acquired a property after 9-months of follow-up. The tenant finally moved out. Two weeks later, the basement flooded. Needless to say, he called us because, as part of our process, we sent him cookies a long time ago.) 
Hey, you send people cookies - this is America - they love you! :-) 
Just look at how the Government got people motivated to get Vaccinated - they bribed them with free donuts & coffee.  
All I'm saying is, in addition to the numbers-aspect, acquisition is a game of connection and psychology, too. 

Here's What To Do Next

First, watch the walkthrough above ^

If you won't do that, then obviously you don't care about your own success. In which case, I don't, either. 

Second, if you like what you see & it makes sense to you, grab a copy of my book: The Code Of The Heroic Self

Further, do your homework. Understand how we build businesses 

Our INCOME program ^ is included at the PARTNER level ($4,764.00 annual value) - which shows you how, in addition to real estate investing profits, to create $10K/mo of recurring revenue by monetizing your Character Journey along the way. 

&, when I say Partner, I mean PARTNER! 

Brothers... In the trenches! (...Sisters, too, in the trenches!)

We got each other's back!

This is what makes our Community unlike any other. 

I wrote The Code of The Heroic Self as the screening device. If someone hates that book, they'd make a bad PARTNER for us.

Third, if you do those two things, then have a question or two & want to go deeper, we can schedule a 15-minute call.

Worst case scenario: (At that point)
You schedule a 15-minute call for us to do some initial research. If you decide not to move forward after that, you're out 15 minutes.
Best case scenario: 
We talk, we do our research. You ask and, of course, get answered any of the questions that you might have. And, if our research indicates that we can guarantee your results, then together, mutually, we can move forward. 
Simple. No bullshit. 
• No hype. 
• No more expensive software or confusing data-marketing.

• No more rejection as a telemarketer. 
• No more overwhelm. 

• No more duct-taped systems.

• No more being lied to by charlatans & hucksters.

• No more uncertainty about "where" your next flip/investment project/wholesale deal is going to come from. 

Best case scenario is we do our research, the Machine works for you, too, (as it has for us & our other PARTNERS)... and you hit your goals.
And because you hit your goals, we hit ours.
Regardless, ALL the pressure to perform is on us... because we if accept someone (YOU) as a PARTNER, we guarantee a minimum $100K-$250K increase in revenue over the next 12-months, or you don't pay.

And let me be clear: 

If you're spending money right now ($5K/mo or more) on marketing to generate "Cash Offer Request" leads, & you don't have this Machine working for you, you're leaving a shit ton of profit on the table.

& if you're doing data marketing, fuck! - what a miserable life. You should never be doing that shit. You should outsource it. Then, like we & our PARTNERs do, put the leads through the MACHINE. 

2 Steps. 

$2.3 Million in profits. 

In 15-months. 

& since then, after that initial testing, it just continues to work & process "dirt" to find us more gold. 

Yes, we're actively looking for more PARTNERS, but, to keep our Community strong, we created this process to screen-out all of the "Get Rich Quick" fuckers. I can't stand them, & probably, neither can you. 
Talk soon,
Ryan Fletcher
Co-Founder, ACS Machine
Author, The Code Of The Heroic Self
Founder of StoryAthlete
PS: Unlike some, we don't claim to be "miracle workers."
Mining for gold isn't exactly a sexy job. It's about process. We use Airtable & 150+ Automations to process a "shit ton of dirt," so that our designed Machine...can collect gold & find us those big nuggets. 
Like I said, it's a process! 
Not a miracle. 
So, if your market isn't suited for our Machine to operate. Or, if we determine you don't meet the criteria for an ideal PARTNER, then we won't offer acceptance to you because we can't guarantee your results. 
I just don't want there to be any "hard feelings" if, after our research is done, it's determined we can't help you.
The Machine we built is a proven process. 
Not a "miracle worker." 

PPS: If you have a real estate license, this is a no-brainer. The ACS Machine & our process, converts the leads not suited for investment properties into listings, too. PARTNER Pete, in Pennsylvania, took almost 20 listings in his first 9 months. Those, of course, in addition to his investment deals. 

PPPS: Again, if you're not the kind of person willing to read a book, then you're not a PARTNER for us.

Assuming though, you grab a copy now, it'll ship out in 1 business day. 

It'll arrive. 

You'll read it within 3 days.

You'll love it. 

Or, maybe you won't. 

If you hate, let me know, I'll refund your $5.60 + pay you $100 for wasting your time.

If you love it, you'll come back to this page. 

& book a call...

We'll talk for 15-minutes to see if this is something that makes sense for you.  Or, like most of our PARTNERS have done, after reading the book, you'll just submit the full application & say, "Fuck yeah, I'm in." 

But again, it's up to you... 

...& before final acceptance, there'll still be a full-walkthrough that's required. 

If you've read the book, grab a 15-min slot on the calendar below & complete the tiny application.

Reminder: This is NOT a Community for everyone. We work hard & tirelessly to accept ONLY the right folks into PARTNER, where all of our resources, R&D, and Open-Source becomes yours. After reading the book, submitting the application, & experiencing the full walkthrough, 97% of the applicants that made it that far - 64 out of 66 - chose to move forward. WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN HIGH PRESSURE SALES. HELL, WE DON'T EVEN BELIEVE IN SALES. AFTER SHOWING APPLICANTS EVERYTHING, I ASK ONE QUESTION, "ARE YOU ALL-IN? OR, ARE YOU OUT?" That's it... & after the first 30 times I asked that question, with 100% of folks saying, "ALL-IN," I made this video as PROOF. THE KICKER? Their responses were to V1 of the ACS Machine, you'll be getting V2, which proved to be 4.89X more effective!
Hit Play On The Video
(RELAX!... Nothing will be sold on this call.)
Step 1: Choose a date
Step 2: Choose a time
Step 3: Answer the questions
Step 4: Submit answers to schedule your call
* Whether we're able to work together or not, we're happy to share with you anything you want to know about our Machine. Including, the best lead sources we generate Cash Offer requests from. You can go get leads from these sources just as we do. But I GUARANTEE the ACS Machine will convert more of them for you, resulting in a much higher ROI.
LASTLY, & it's crazy to think...

Right now, it could be, the only thing standing between you & everything you want in life, from a top income/time-freedom standpoint, is the decision you make in the next 30 seconds. 

You see, in every person's life, I believe there are but a handful of turning points.

Forks in the road. 

Opportunities to be had or to be missed. 

Decisions to be made. 

Where the gravity of those decisions change the course of our future. 

For example, the decision to grab a copy of this book & reading it may be, for you, one of these turning points. 

A fork in the road.

An opportunity to be had or missed. 

Take it... 

...& your life changes forever. This is what happened for Mike Turner, 18-months ago. After 3 years of hesitation, he went "All-In" in becoming an Asset Control Specialist. 

Since then, he's done $731K in profits.

He paid off his house. 

Bought a boat. 

Hired an assistant to do all the busy work he doesn't enjoy. 

His only regret? 

...Not going "All-In" SOONER! 

Which gets to the other choice regarding that fork in the road...

You refuse.

You don't take it... 

...& your life continues on the same path you've been traveling on now for years (...perhaps tolerable, acceptable, but not great.)

For the record, I don't have any interest in trying to convince anyone to want to change any aspect of their life.

That's not my job.

Trying to convince people to believe they should want to build a better life, or business, seems like a STUPID mission to me. 

People have to want that change for themselves!

Which means, I'm only here to help those who've decided change is needed & are actively searching for that NEW PATH forward. 

If everything in your life is amazing... 





Then maybe you're NOT the person I'm looking for. 

Or, perhaps, you're the exact person I'm looking for. After all, we constantly seek that 1% improvement. We have this problem. We can't leave good enough alone. If it can get optimized, we must optimize it. 


This choice is yours!

But I do believe your decision to grab this book, read it, then grab a 15-minute call, could be a turning point in your life.

Worse case scenario, you get the book, read it... 

...& hate it. 

In which case, let me know. I'll refund your $5.60 shipping fee & pay you $100 for wasting your time. 

If you ALREADY read the book & it resonated... Book Your 1:1 Research Call
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