"...From my Dad's friend, WHO WAS A VERY WEALTHY MAN, I learned how to pay my bills - EARNING FEES - as an Asset Control Specialist. THIS ALLOWED ME ESCAPE FINANCIAL RUIN."
- Ryan Sloper

The Perfect Entry-Point To Become A Full-time Real Estate Investor

The Fastest Way To Profit In Real Estate Is To Become An Asset Control Specialist. A Brand New Approach. The Perfect Entry Point & Demand For This Service Is Soaring!

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In 30 Days, You Can Learn It, By Doing It...

After a Decade of Being a Full-Time Investor, If I Lost All My Relationships, All My Funding Sources, So I Had Little To No Money, Meaning I Had To Start From Scratch, Here Is How I Would Do It... 

by Ryan Sloper

The Hardest Part Is Getting Started, So - Let's Do It Together!

Want To Do It With Me?

  People Are Hurting Financially (The Backstory) 

  • I have walked in those shoes. Back in 2008, 2009, I damn near lost everything. I was a real estate agent. I had a young family. Times were tough. I didn't know what I was going to do. But then a stroke of luck happened. From my Dad's friend, who was a very wealthy man, I learned how to pay my bills, earning $10,000 fees, as an Asset Control Specialist for people with money. This allowed me to escape financial ruin, but also, provided me the needed capital to escape being a real estate agent to become a full-time investor. I still have a real estate license to be able to sell my own properties. But being a real estate agent is terrible. And, you don't need a real estate license to be an Asset Control Specialist. This is what makes this entry point to succeed in real estate so appealing. For me, this approach saved me from ruin. 
  • By avoiding financial ruin, thus, foreclosure or bankruptcy, I owe pretty much everything to my Dad's friend. He shared his knowledge when he didn't have to. If I can pay that forward by sharing what he taught me, with those willing to sacrifice a small-fee to have skin in the game, then I know it can help other people (& you). 

      What We Will Build (Together)

    • Through doing, not talking about it. We're going to get contacted and contracted by homeowners to earn fees as an Asset Control Specialist. (Using the exact approach taught to me by my Father's wealthy friend.) The mistake that most make, is thinking that there is only one (1) asset that needs to be controlled. They are wrong. There are three. And the priority in which we gain control of the assets is what makes the difference. 
    • Starting with just $5 per day, we will setup two different marketing funnels with Facebook Ads to make our services known. No begging or sales calls. No door-knocking. No bandit signs. No skip-tracing. No yellow-letter nonsense. Instead, we're going to program Facebook's billion-dollar algorithm to find the assets that we want to control for us. These assets are those with asymmetrical risk. Meaning, they can be found and controlled for $100 to $500, sometimes less, but represent a 5-figure fee to us as an Asset Control Specialist. 
    • We are going to help people and SAVE families. The demand for Asset Control Specialists is soaring. The service we provide, which is why homeowners contact us and contract us, saves homeowners from foreclosure, bankruptcy, tax defaults, etc. We help people get caught up on behind mortgage payments, medical bills, or to pay their taxes. We provide a service, in many cases, that allows business owners to keep their doors open. A business that, of course, provides for their employees and serves their community. This is not a wholesale program. Wholesalers typically exploit the homeowner in pain, and out of greed, try to exploit the investor as well. We are not buying properties. You do not need a real estate license. We are problem-solvers, serving people in need. For our services, we earn a fee. And in a world where most investors and agents are out to serve themselves, through greed, desperation, or exploitation, the demand for our service has exploded. Further, we only work with homeowners who have contacted us, raised their hand, filled out an application, and have indicated they want our help. 

        How We're Doing It

      • EVERY WEEKDAY FOR 30 DAYS, I'll send you an email with a short video and a set of instructions showing you exactly what to do, as I do it myself. I will demonstrate the process that I take to get results via screen-share videos. Read the email, watch the video, and implement. No more overwhelm. 
      • ​You'll be invited to LIVE WEEKLY calls where I personally answer questions and help you.
      • ​You'll be added to a member's only community, specifically for this class, for more support and accountability.
      TO BE 100% CLEAR - You will get specific instructions on how to start profiting as an Asset Control Specialist. Learn and receive guidance from someone who used this approach (as an Asset Control Specialist) as the stepping stone to become a full-time investor. Each lesson is accompanied with specific actions; steps for you to take, so you can see, learn, and immediately implement. As needed in the process, you will have access to forms and marketing materials. You will know exactly what to say. How to say it. You'll be provided examples of legal forms to use for your deals, which, if you choose, can save you money in attorney's fees. Marketing materials, including the exact funnel templates, and Facebook ads, that you can download or import direct into your business. Should any questions arise along the way? Just ask. They will get answered. We are always innovating, so if we find a new tool that becomes necessary, then we will create it and provide it at no additional cost. Different than other programs, we prefer operate as a team. This is how we innovate so fast, we learn from each other. 

          What You Will Need

        • Internet access, and computer. 
        • A BUSINESS MINDSET: There is no magic wand here. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, nor suitable for anyone with a "business opportunity" mindset. Those people almost always fail because they fail themselves. Most have an improper expectation from that start. Is money going to rain down on you just because you want it to? No! That is not how this works. Being an Asset Control Specialist requires a business mindset. Homeowners who are in a tough financial situation, or who have property to sell that can't be sold in its current condition, are contracting us to solve their problems. So, in their eyes, if you behave as some kind of wandering gypsy, untrustworthy, that is unreliable and unprofessional. Where you there only to profit before you serve, I guarantee you will fail. A smart business mind always puts the purpose above the profits. The most successful business mind, takes that mindset ever step further, to find a way to serve, profit, and give. As an Asset Control Specialist, we execute the simple practice of control and serve, profit and give. "Over-promise, Over-deliver." The resulting Proof, from practicing this Principle is creates is what creates the best marketing assets. You will see examples. 
        • COMMITMENT. You can absolutely use this approach of being an Asset Control Specialist as the stepping stone, to build up the seed capital, to become a full-time investor. If you feel trapped, this can being your freedom. You can use this approach to help you create an extra 5 or 6 FIGURE INCOME WITHOUT RISKING YOUR SAVINGS OR HAVING TO WORK LONG HOURS but you do have to be committed and you can't be a flake. If you behave as an uncommitted flake, then you will get the results of an uncommitted flake. I doubt that offends you, because we both know that to be true. I want nothing  than to see people succeed, but that starts with commitment. People love to learn but hate to execute. That can't be you. Everyday, following the detailed instructions, we need you to execute. 

        • No experience is required - (You will be taught everything you need to know)

        • No RE license is required - (But if you have one, good! You'll see how the A.C.S. uses it to create a dual exit.)

        • You can start with an Facebook ad-budget of just $5 per day - (No, you don't need much money) 

            Important Disclaimer

          My name is RYAN SLOPER.

          I will never lie to you.

          This is business. This is marketing. This is SERVING people in need.

          There is no guarantee of any results. Not even for me. Since learning to operate as an Asset Control Specialist, starting back in 2009, as the stepping stone to become a full-time investor, I have executed over 180 flip projects. As I write this invitation, I have 8 such projects going right now in execution, representing $320-$350K in potential profit. On 6 or 7 of these projects, we will hit all of our projected numbers and targets. But on one to two of them, it is expected, that we will not. No, we won't lose money (because of how we evaluate and acquire them), but we will be short of our projected estimated targets. This is why practicing a business mindset is so critical. As long as we're able to focus on and pay attention to the "portfolio" of projects, as a whole, then the individual projects that underperform don't matter as much.

          If any investor, or businessperson, or marketer, etc., tells you he's able to guarantee results. Or that he never loses. He is a liar.

          Sure, we can mitigate risk and we'll look at ways to do that.

          And yes, we can amplify and speed up results, and we'll look at ways to do that, too. But please understand, there is no guarantee of any results. Your results will be dependent on you; your decisions, your actions, your skills.

          What you will learn, though, which is what I learned from my Dad's friend, is how operating as an Asset Control Specialist can be your stepping stone (in the way way it was mine) to become a full-time investor.

          More than I want you to win, I want you NOT to lose.

          I hate losing!

          The skills you learn here, CANNOT ever be taken away from you.

          You will have this knowledge forever.

          And you can teach it to your son or daughter, or if you're older, to your grandkids, in the same way that I teach it to the people I love.

              Start Date & Schedule:

            Monday, July 22nd , 2024

            Then, each weekday, for 30 days, you'll receive a video and email from me showing specifically what your next steps will be and what you should be doing.

                Registration Ends:

              When the timer at the bottom of this page hits 0.

              (By closing the registration down, a few days before we begin, our Member support team is able to get everyone inside the Community and properly orientated, without being rushed, to create a better experience.) 

                  FREE (Included) Add-Ons:

                • POSSIBILITY TO PARTNER WITH ME ON DEALS: Stuck on a deal? Need additional guidance or help? Joint venture with me and we'll do deals together. This provides the ability to leverage additional resources and or the credibility of an already established company to faster facilitate the solution. Don't want to pay an attorney, if one is need? I'll do it. Also, this path is a way to get a second set of eyes on your deal to avoid potential pitfalls that I've already experienced and know how to prevent. Of course, you don't need to partner with me to successful because everything you need will be taught to you. 
                • ​FOUR (4) CASE STUDIES: More than anything, I want people to understand the doable path to financial freedom. I want people to see, how, the entire evolution of how becoming an Asset Control Specialist, creates 1) the seed income to do bigger deals. But also, 2) How to leverage that knowledge and accumulated experience into the logical path of expansion to become a full-time investor.  So together, to paint this picture, we will look at 4 specific case studies that represent the progression of turning your obsession for financial freedom into a reality, just as I did, by diving into the actual numbers of each deal. How did we find each one? How did we evaluate each one? What is a suitable O-zone? What metrics did we look at? How did we acquire it? How did we know it would be profitable? How much profit was collected? Although each project was different, each was started the same way, by the Asset Control Specialist. 

                  (NOTE: I have a college degree that took me 4-years to earn and cost me over $50K in housing and tuition. But... Being an Asset Control Specialist, taught to me by my Dad's friend when I was at near rock bottom, has earned me far more freedom and money than that college degree ever has, that I went deep into debt to obtain).  

                    The Investment:

                  The cost of this extensive month long training is only $247 This is a one time fee, and you'll never be charged again.

                  This is a ridiculous offer and we both know it. 

                  Plus, you can save $100 by pre-registering before the timer hits zero.

                  You're getting the training on how to do this, plus everything else for just $147.

                  That's about $4 a day. 

                  Literally less than a big latte at Starbucks. 

                  Why so inexpensive? 

                  Because I know if we can help you win, by keeping your costs down in the beginning,  so it's easy to get started, then you'll execute sooner.  And by executing sooner (not waiting) is how you get the result you want for yourself and or your family. 

                  If we can help you do that, then we think you'll want to work with us more in the future. 

                  So, that's why. 

                  That's our "secret" motive

                  We could sell this 30-day course for $1,500. 

                  But we like to demonstrate the principle we commit to live by, "Over-promise, Over-deliver." When you do this, you will find that great opportunities, and great relationships, more and more each year, and day to day, begin to flow to you. 

                  Anyway, if you're wondering how to get started as an Asset Control Specialist, as the easiest stepping stone to build up your seed capital, to then become a full-time investor. Or maybe you're a real estate agent sick of being commoditized and want to escape the client-trap, or both, this is the best bang for the buck you'll ever find.  

                  Becoming a full-time real estate investor is freedom.

                  And this is your chance to get on that path. Not only that, but have me hold your hand and guide you through every step of the process.


                    Pre-Register Before The Timer Hits Zero And Save $100!

                    ...Plus, The $2.3m Deal Breakdown Bonus, FREE!

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                    Added BONUS: FOR TODAY'S REGISTRANTS ONLY!

                    The $2.3 Million Docuseries

                    For anyone  starting in the REI space, nothing propels you towards competency faster than studying live deal break downs, from start to finish. Access to actual Case Studies is invaluable because it separates academic theory from real world execution. ADDED BONUS: Over 15-months, we documented & broke down every deal we did. The numbers. The lead source. The profits made. Everything. From finding & controlling the asset to exit. We walked through each project. Discussed the scope of work. Demonstrated how we arrived at ARV & renovation costs. From these projects, in total, more than $2.3M in profits was collected. Just learning the lead sources (& the cost of each lead) for each deal, puts you lightyears ahead of other investors, even the veterans that consistently struggle to find off-market properties at huge (30-50%) discounts off ARV. In addition to giving you the lead sources, we'll show you the 2-steps for how we BEST convert these leads into actual deals!

                    Still Skeptical?

                    Text me your question: 360-215-7589

                    (Yes, that is my actual phone # - Please respect it)

                    EARNINGS / INCOME DISCLAIMER: We don’t believe in get-rich-quick programs. We believe in hard work, adding value, and serving others. And that’s what our programs are designed to help you do. As stated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your own ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, programs, or strategies. 

                    We don’t know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We’re here to help by giving you our greatest strategies to move you forward, faster. However, nothing on this page or any of our websites or emails is a promise or guarantee of future earnings. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites or emails, are simply estimates or projections or past results, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings – all numbers are illustrative only. If you have questions, email support@storyathlete.com
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