A CHANCE TO REWRITE THE DNA OF YOUR LIFE: The Kind of Person right for the StoryAthlete Partner Program isn't just concerned with making more money, and financial security. They are committed to greatness and optimization in every aspect of their life. Their health. Their fitness. As a storyteller. Inspiring others. Impacting their community. Philanthropy. Etc. Enabling them to live a Life that others say is impossible!

Based on your answers, if you are sufficiently interested in becoming a StoryAthlete Partner, I will walk through the ENTIRE BUSINESS MODEL that we will GIVE to you, the complete PRODUCT-LINE, plus the SOFTWARE and COMMUNITY that makes getting the Transformative Result, from doing hard shit, automatic and certain: 

1) Become a full-time real estate investor.
2) Build a lucrative online business. 
3) Get in the best physical shape of your life, while inspiring your spouse & kids to make fitness a priority in their life.
4) Impact your community, by leading a local movement that donates hundreds-of-thousands to local charities.
5) Everything above is MADE POSSIBLE by your ability to craft sitcom-based content, as a Storyteller, to own the relationship with your audience, to enjoy financial security (a high 6- or 7-figure income) thanks to just 1,000 true fans.   

Not 5 Different businesses!

...One Business with integrated Product-lines and Income steams to create 1) Time-Freedom and 2) Recurring Revenue. 

Got questions? Text me: 360-215-7589
Or, Message me: http://m.me/ryanfletcherhq  

Confirm Basic Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Best Email Address: 
Cell Phone for Texting / Questions
Qualifying Information
Did you read the book: The Code of The Heroic Self ?
Are you a member of StoryAthlete GRIT?
Are you a member of StoryAthlete INCOME?
Are you a listener of the Podcast?
Did you watch the Walkthrough of the ACS Machine for how we convert bought leads (Compass, iSpeed, FHO, etc.) into a 10:1 ROI using Airtable & automations?
Did you read the "What To Expect In PARTNER" 29-Pg. Letter? 
Why do you have an interest in joining the StoryAthlete Community at the PARTNER Level? (From learning the concepts in the book, or from your own experiences up to this point, what parts of working with StoryAthlete, Fletcher, Sloper, or the Community, most resonate with you?) 
Lesser Self vs. Heroic Self
Does this 'War of Lesser Self vs. Heroic Self' make perfect sense to you? (The primer for this concept, which lays the foundation for the entire book, can be found on pages 19-20.)
In the book, The Code of The Heroic Self, we defined what the word Partner means to Sloper and I. What does this word, Partner, mean to you? (Our definition is discussed on pages 26-29 in the book.)
Does the act of writing the Character Script to defeat the Lesser Self, as the path to escape the Ordinary World, to enter the Extraordinary World, make perfect sense to you? (This concept is discussed on pages 86-94 in the book.)
Inside of all of us, there is a Lesser Self, have you named yours yet? (As I wrote, on page 84 in the book, "Fat Ryan," for 8 years, I allowed him to out-fox and out-negotiate me, as that part of me slowly destroyed my life.)
 Behavioral Information
THE MISSION OF EVERY STORYATHLETE: Everyday, harder to kill: mentally, physically, financially, so that we can powerfully serve the Relationships in our life. To achieve this, is living the Challenge-Based Life and traveling the 1% Journey something that is a priority to you? (To revisit how StoryAthletes harness compounding to achieve 37X annual growth, see pages 101-106 in the book.)
Which of the 6 Foundations that force growth in the Committed (not the interested) most resonated with you? (The 6 foundations are discussed on pages 114-119 in the book.)
Have you ever been a competitive Athlete?
Have you ever played a Team Sport?
If yes, what sport(s) did you enjoy and excel at the Most? (If you didn't play a sport, but have deliberately trained for greatness, like an athlete does, to gain every competitive advantage edge, not for a sport, but maybe in a professional field, or to succeed in a challenge that meant something to you, share those details.) 
To transform your Mind, Body, Business, Relationships, does this chain of events make sense to you? - Step 1) Do hard shit. Step 2) Stick with it, don't quit. Step 3) Get the transformative result.  
Financial Information (Confidential)
Honesty, Integrity, Openness. Lots of people like to lie/inflate their financial numbers because they're insecure and want to impress people. Or because they're embarrassed by the truth. Either way, neither are helpful in solving problems. Do you commit answering each question honestly? (Note: If we don't know the starting point of your current financial situation, then we can't effectively design a game plan to get you to your target end destination.)
 1) About Your Employment 
Do you currently earn an income from working a Job? 
If yes, to the previous question, what do you do for Work?
Do you enjoy working this Job?
If yes, to the first question, what is your Income from that Job?
As a provider, are you satisfied with this level of Income?
 2) About Your Business (non-Real Estate Investing)
Which best describes your current Business?
If yes, to having a business, what is your Business? (tell us about it)
If yes, to having a business, what is your company Website? 
If yes, to having a business, what is the link to your Sales Funnel? (to acquire clients)
What is your current Monthly Profit? (for the new or existing business)
What is your (Target) Monthly Profit? (...for the new or existing business)
What is the biggest obstacle keeping you from hitting that Target Monthly Profit?
Which describes your situation with Recurring Revenue?
Is it a priority of yours to create (more/greater) Recurring Revenue?
What is your strategic plan for creating (more/greater) Recurring Revenue?
NOTE: If accepted into PARTNER, you'll have access to StoryAthlete's integrated product-line to create Recurring Revenue on your behalf. Part of the Open-Source is that all of our proven funnels; upsells, downsells, ascension models, and software memberships, become yours to monetize. GRIT gives you a health & fitness business without any of the startup costs, associated overhead, or doing any of the work involved. INCOME gives you an information marketing/education-based business without needing to create products, write copy, build funnels, or do any of the work. And PARTNER gives you access to the highest level of Recurring Revenue to create financial security and growing time-freedom. Mind. Body. Business. Relationships. Not four or five different businesses. Everything is integrated into one leverage-based business, designed as a complete solution. Is this aspect of PARTNER, what we call, "The Perfect 2nd Income and Recurring Revenue Model," one of the primary interests for why you are applying to StoryAthlete as this level? (For all PARTNER members, of course, complete set up and training is provided. Also, Live Calls exist every weekday to guarantee rapid implementation. PARTNER, at its core, is about execution.)  
Briefly describe the vision for your Business: (current or future)
In helping you build that vision into a reality, how do you envision being a StoryAthlete PARTNER will help you do it faster? 
 3) About Your Real Estate Investing
Which best describes your current Real Estate Investing Experience?
Do you currently have a real estate License? 
How much have you invested in Coaching Programs or Courses?
Have you completed the Asset Control Specialist 30-day Class?
As you know, Sloper and I refuse to be that annoying-ass salesperson that runs around knocking on doors, cold-calling, or putting up bandit signs, or doing any of the other annoying, low-status, low-positioning, nonsense that is typically taught to new investors to grow their business. We also refuse to engage in things that require a lot of management, i.e. time sucks, or aren't scalable, i.e. driving for dollars. Further, we only do business with those who respect us, contact us. And, want our help. This makes our business fun and super-profitable. Do you understand the full difference between a marketing-based model and sales-based model? 
What systems and automations for Deal Flow, Conversions, etc., do you have built into your business now? 
What is your biggest roadblock right now to doing More Deals?
In the last 12-months, how much profit have you made from Investing?
CHOICE: If accepted, would you like our Ops-team to clone all of our back-end systems and automations, and proven processes, from our business, that are producing well-over a 10:1 return-on-marketing-dollars and install them into your business. And, set it all up at zero additional cost. Or, would you prefer to do it all yourself?
NEXT LEVEL: Nobody in the REI space teaches this, but I assume you understand that all the real money in the investing business, which is really just a marketing business, happens in the follow-up process. This means you need to learn Storytelling formulas for how to create effective content. (Message-driven. Values. Beliefs. Convictions.) Do you understand this, and are you prepared, through StoryAthlete trainings, and proven protocols, to get good at this high-value skill? (Hint: This is the real secret to Sloper and I's investing and business success. Through Storytelling, i.e. sitcom-based content, is how you position yourself, differentiate, create trust, build relationships. Not to mention, demonstrate and convey proof).
IMPORTANT: From reading the book (pages 109-121) do you understand the true benefits of operating within an Open-Source Community? (Sloper and I didn't create the 30-day Asset Control Specialist training for the purpose to make money by selling a course. We created that course and offered it for a measly hundred-bucks, purely to find and teach our model to investors serious about a different way to operate in this business. We want to help you find (more) deals, convert (more) deals, and when possible, fund your deals. And, we want to Partner with you on deals, too, when it makes sense, to be able to do deals in every part of the country.)
AWARENESS: Almost everybody teaches wholesaling as the method to get started as a real estate investor, but, I assume you understand that Wholesaling is the most competitive approach there is (i.e. lots of other investors all competing against each other). And, has the lowest profit margins (because you have to get paid out of the middle, while still trying to make the deal work for the end investor). So, knowing these two things, does it make sense why Wholesalers are in the weakest-position, when it comes to their overall strength as an investor? (From taking the Asset Control Specialist class, you know there are three main Assets: 1) The property that we control. 2) The Execution Team that we build, and 3) The Relationships (Dream 100) that we own, through our ability to serve and deliver. As a side note, building Asset #2, a strong Execution Team, with proper systems and processes, gives you the greatest strength as an investor because it provides you the most exit-strategies for how you can multiply capital.) 
QUESTION: If accepted, you will be taught "The Game of List It or Flip It?" This is the game Slope and I play in our business, to convert more leads into closed deals, create additional exit strategies, and continually build our Execution Team. This Game is a foundational pillar of the PARTNER program. Are you willing to commit, your first 28-Days in the program, to learn every detail of how this works? (Most people fail in business, investing, in life, etc., because they always want to leap-forward to the "more exciting stuff" before they have dedicated themselves to learning the critical foundations. A good Open-Source Community results when every member learns the foundational pillars on which to innovate.) 
Briefly describe the vision for your Investing Business: (current or future)
In helping you build that vision into a reality, how do you envision being a StoryAthlete PARTNER will help you do it faster? 
 Work-Life Integration
Which best describes your born Ambition Level? (For whatever reason, about 5% of people are hardwired with a far greater ambition than the rest of the masses were born with. Ambition, it seems, is something that is innate to our DNA and somehow programmed into our personalities.)
Have you ever been called a Workaholic who struggles with Work-Life Balance? 
What has been your biggest struggle in trying to achieve Work-Life Balance, in order to be totally "present in the moment" with those you love? (From listening to Ep. 1 of the StoryAthlete Podcast, you know my struggle with this first hand. My ambition, the best I can describe it, is a disease that works to control me. I love to play "endless hours at work," because that's what my work is to me. It is "play." My ambition though, unchecked, had consequences. Before designing and living 'The StoryAthlete Way,' not on purpose, of course, but I did; I neglected my wife and kids because I allowed my professional ambitions to dominate my time. Chasing Work-Life Balance always felt like I needed to sacrifice my own happiness to create theirs.)
From reading the book, do you understand how living 'The StoryAthlete Way' (Work-Life Integration, not Work-Life Balance; a failed concept for the ambitious entrepreneur) is all about leverage? (Pages 29-56; your journey of transformation across Mind, Body, Business, Relationships, becomes your leveraged path to get paid to become your best self. Where your designed Character Journey, too, becomes your Content strategy for your business to 1) create and control OPN, 2) build a connected audience, and 3) to generate demand for your products and services. 
Have you ever been caught in any stage of the 5-Part Crisis? (This crisis is discussed on pages 15-17 in the book. For many people, just gaining the awareness that this 5-part crisis exists, and recognizing how it plays out in everyday life, they're able to devise a plan to escape it.)
On pages 68-74 in the book, did you read about the leading cause-of-failure, FODQ; The Cycle of Misery, and the three (3) Negative Cycles that feed FODQ? (You should know what FODQ stands for, and also, you should know the (3) negative cycles that, if not addressed, perpetuate it.)
On a scale of 1 to Chuck Norris, how ready are you to Turn Your Life Into Your Business & Get Paid to Become Your Best Self? (I spent a lot of years allowing my Business to become my life, and frankly, it nearly destroyed my family. A much better approach I have found, is to turn my Life into my business -> Leverage. Leverage. And more leverage. This is how we win.)
 Leading A Local Movement
PHILANTHROPIST: Are you familiar with ImpactClub®, and how through our local cofounders, leading local movements, we have donated more than $2.5 million to local charities? (Over the last 4 years, we have invested over a million dollars in systems, process, tech infrastructure, etc.,  to learn the absolute best practices to build a philanthropic-engine, in any local community, led by (YOU) a capable and committed StoryAthlete.) 
IMPACT & POSITIONING: At a recent mastermind event, Bob Grand, our ImpactClub® Eugene cofounder, speaking to other high-income investors, made the statement: "I think the best thing you can do, from a business & legacy perspective, is to embed yourself into your community. Focus on, impacting the lives of others. This is what we've done with ImpactClub®. It has opened doors to opportunities and relationships that otherwise would not have been opened." Bob also, I want to be clear, genuinely cares about impacting the lives of others. He didn't Partner with Slope and I, to use ImpactClub® as a positioning tactic. Although, highly effective. And smart. He did so because leading a local movement that impacts lives in his community is a high priority of his. If accepted, do you have an interest in launching an ImpactClub® in your local market? (Note: Eric Verdi runs our largest ImpactClub®, over 300 members, which donates more than $30,000 per quarter to local charities. Needless to say, Eric has a very strong business. And the respect of damn near every person in his community.) 
 A Life Of Fun & Adventure
MASTERMIND: How important is it for you to surround yourself with others that match your ambition to achieve greatness (in all aspects of life; Mind, Body, Business, and Relationships) that you can mastermind with, through the Open-Source, to fast-track the outcomes that you prioritize as the highest?
If you've ever joined any high-end masterminds, then you're familiar with the format and deliverables. Most programs consist of one monthly call and 3 in-person events each year to share breakthroughs. Presentations are made round-robin. Every person gets to 20-minutes to share their biggest breakthrough, and ask for their biggest need. These programs range in cost, typically, from $10,000 to as much as $50,000 or more. As a member of StoryAthlete PARTNER, the high-end mastermind experience is included without the $10K-$50K price tag. All over the U.S, and abroad, PARTNERS have met in locations to mastermind and connect with one another. From the mountain tops of Tahoe to the Cliffs in Cabo overlooking the beaches. Notwithstanding Covid, is it a priority of yours to attend these Live Events that happen twice per year? (Details are announced well in advance of upcoming events, which are typically in the Spring and Fall, for scheduling and planning reasons. No immediate commitment is needed, just overall interest. In the event that Covid prevents in-person gatherings again, in 2021, these events will be delivered virtual.)
Last Questions
TO BE CLEAR: You understand that by submitting this Questionnaire, you are not being offered a spot in the PARTNER program, nor are you obligated to join? (This questionnaire is just to learn about your goals and objectives, so that we can schedule a call and discuss the PARTNER option together. Are we on the same page?) 
From pages 128-134 in the book, did you Design Your Life? (In life, we have nobody to blame for our outcomes, but our self. The truth is, if our Character fails in life, it's because we wrote for our character a shitty script.)
NEW POSSIBILITIES: Because of how the stories we tell our self (Lesser Self vs. Heroic Self) effects our Beliefs. Do you believe it's possible to add at least $100K-$250K to your income in less than 12-months, if: 1) You have access to proven systems, processes, and automations. And 2) You are guided on daily basis to properly execute those proven systems, processes, and automations? (Note: If based on the Lesser Self stories we tell our self, and we don't think it's possible to quickly add 6-figures to our income in under 12-months, then naturally, our Lesser Self beliefs will effect our Behaviors, which determine our Actions, which dictate our Results. Contrast that: As a PARTNER, we can give you every tool, and provide all the support imaginable, but we can't give you belief that it's possible. To get that, you have to defeat the Lesser Self by allowing the Heroic Self to write the Character Script. As a side note, for what it's worth: Sloper and I, in the first 15-months, after rebuilding our investment business, created more than $2.3M in total profits from the systems, processes, & automations that our Ops Team will set up and install into each PARTNER's business.)  
To confirm, you know PARTNER requires a 12-month minimum commitment, I assume that isn't a problem? (Note: we have PARTNERS that have been with us, like Eric Verdi, for almost a decade. We're certain you'll want to be a StoryAthlete PARTNER for life, too, but only a 12-month commitment, to start, is required to be considered. If you decide not to continue after that, we can part friends.) 
INCLUDED WITH PARTNER: I assume you know, if accepted into PARTNER, both StoryAthlete INCOME ($397/mo) and GRIT ($99/mo) and all future developed programs and trainings, software upgrades, etc., that are part of PARTNER, INCOME, and GRIT, are provided to PARTNERS at no additional cost. (If you are currently a member of INCOME or GRIT, and if you're accepted to PARTNER, any remaining membership dues that you have on your account, will be credited back to you. In many cases, upgrading to PARTNER is a no-brainer when it comes to the investment. Especially, when you factor in the integrated product-line to create Recurring Revenue.) 
INTEGRITY: Do you confirm you will show up to your scheduled appointment ON-TIME and DISTRACTION-Free? (I'm sure you feel the same. Nothing is more annoying than a person who can even practice basic punctuality and/or focus. Set an alarm, if needed. And time-block, on your calendar.)
INVESTMENT: The PARTNER program is $5K upfront (admittedly, this is way too cheap & will probably increase soon) + $697/month starting at the beginning of the 3rd month. (Note: Assuming acceptance, & inside of the 6-Week PARTNER Onboarding, as long as you execute what we teach: Turn your Life into your Business & Get paid to Become Your Best Self - this program will pay you thousands in recurring revenue each month in addition to the RE investing profits that, working together, we will create through proven models.)

Why the upfront? There are two reasons. In the first 60-days is when my Ops Team is setting up & customizing every aspect of your ACS Machine. This is not cheap. There are hard costs associated with it. A few months back, we had one bad apple, which is all it takes, decide to come in for 2-3 months, and bounce. This left us carrying the cost of the work we performed. To make sure that didn't happen again, I shifted our pricing architecture from a higher monthly cost ($997/mo) to a lower monthly cost ($697/mo) but added the upfront payment. This does two things. It better prevents "the scruff" from joining. And second, for our committed PARTNERS, after year 1, it significantly lowers their cost. We consider this lower cost, "the Alumni pricing." For example, Eric Verdi has been with us since 2012. That's 10 years. By the way, this is not uncommon… 

Got a question? - Text Fletcher: 360-215-7589
Or Book a 15-Minute Call - scroll down, click the "Green" button
AREA-EXCLUSIVE: You understand certain parts of StoryAthlete PARTNER are Area-Exclusive.  Meaning, only one PARTNER per geographic territory will be accepted in that territory. For example, only one PARTNER will have ImpactClub® rights, should you decide to launch one in the future. If another member in your geographic-area applies & gets accepted before you, then you could be permanently locked out in favor of that competitor. (Of course, prior to making your final decision to join the PARTNER program, we will check and confirm your market's availability for area-exclusive ownership.)
Is there anything else you think we should know about you, that you want to include in your PARTNER application? (Sloper and I, and the entire StoryAthlete Community looks forward to getting to know you on a whole nother level.) 

Please review your PARTNER Application one last time, before submitting this questionnaire. Please confirm all answers and contact information are correct prior to submitting. 

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